Αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος Miglionico

The company “Stefanoudakis corporations” welcomes you to its website!

Our firm was established in 1999 by people with long-termed professional experience in the field of high technology and its applications in the field of medicine and research.

From 1999 to 2016 the company was working with CELFA house

( Anthos, STERN WEBER, myray, VICTOR) for the geographical area of Crete. With its big dynamic, consistency and fair competition has earned the trust of a large number of dentists.

From 2017 onwards, we have expanded all over Greece, in cooperation with old and new companies of this field, having in mind the quality and the service of our customers.

Browse our website in order to inform yourselves about the services and the products we provide you with, while in a short time you could visit our online shop in order to make your online purchases.


The main units of our activity are the medical area in general, the dental area and the scientific machinery.

First in Crete we have the functionality of the premises and the credibility of the quality certifications, so that we give the client the solution in the equipment-materials chapter.

We offer Value to scientific products and services.

We represent major manufacturers of medical, dental and scientific machinery and we have the necessary know-how for integrated quality services.

Representative Miglionico

From 2017, the exclusive representative in Greece of the Miglionico dental offices…

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Construction of medical practice

Specialization in the design, construction, layout and refurbishment of medical facilities…

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Certification Quality

Certified services according to modern standards and latest requirements…

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Miglionico…

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